Art Abloom inspires imagination, creativity and a lifelong love of art. Gabriella Spina Drake founded Art Abloom in Santa Barbara, in 1990 and in 2002 relocated to San Anselmo.

Art Abloom's premise is that all beings are born creative. We hold onto the simple pleasures of being inspired throughout our lifetime by empowering our natural creativity. Art Abloom is about enabling us to cherish or find our artistic voice. 

Art Abloom specializes in offering a full spectrum art experience in a creative, nurturing, stimulating, and non-competitive, environment. Student artists ranging from toddlers to adults are encouraged to develop and strengthen creative skills using a wide range of media, including drawing, painting, printmaking, clay, sewing, sculpture, collage and found object assemblage, while embracing the art spirit unique to each of us. Group or private classes emphasizing process builds self-esteem, self-importance, problem solving, patience and individuality. 

Celebrating imagination and the individual, Art Abloom hosts parties for adults and children. 

Art walks and monthly art discussions are also a source of inspiration at Art Abloom. 

"The real study of an art student is more a development of that sensitive nature and appreciative imagination with which he was so fully endowed when a child, and which, unfortunately in almost all cases, the contact with the grown-ups shames out of him before he has passes into what is understood as real life."
--Robert Henri 1901

Art Lives
   upon discussion,
   upon experiment,
   upon curiosity,
   upon variety of attempt,
   upon exchange of views
   and the comparison of standpoints.
--Henry James